Rally towards the goal

We extend the playing field of our GPS mystery challenge. We will go for a hunt of the original Allgäuer cow bell on quads. There are hidden clues in the whole area of the Allgäu. You have to search for the clues in small teams equipped with GPS and your quads and hopefully lots of analytical thinking power. The riddles and tasks along the way are tricky and challenging and no smartphone in the world can help you to cheat. Your team can decide which route to take, short cuts are allowed but will cost the team valuable points and minimizes the chance to win.

The teams have to prove themselves on several stations with special challenges to collect their points but be aware; speeding will get you penalty points!

It is safety first and we want all teams to finish in one piece.

Event:  Incentive, team event, team training
Participants:10 – 60 persons
Duration:5 hours
Place:Allgäu, Germany