Eindrücke einer Incentive Reise




It may be a harsh truth, but an incentive must impress! Otherwise you can forget it.

Do you want to touch your guests on an emotional level, present them with a brand new feeling and also make sure they will never forget the moment?

When this is the case, we should get together for a brainstorming session.

Basically, our incentives always aim to provide one thing – we want that your guests are totally overwhelmed. Therefore we do not believe in just booking first class hotels, interesting activities and exclusive restaurants – that drives up prices but not the experience of quality and growth.

We believe in a breathtaking change of perspective. For example, a helicopter flight over the Alps, or a cruise in a high speed Porsche which is dashing over a frozen polar lake or even a submarine dinner with the sharks.

Most of all, however, we believe in the attention to details. We like to see the happy faces of your guests when they get to see the best pictures of these moments as soon as dinner time. This has nothing to do with money but with knowledge of human nature.