Fast and Curious

Construct, get in, and take off

Bring your team up to full speed with an event, out in the nature, which has lots of Formula 1 feeling and challenges that require mechanical skills.

Every soapbox cart is a unique piece, “self-made” and constructed using your own imagination. We supply the wide range of materials and tools,  whilst you are under the right guidance and support of our coaches. As soon as the soapbox is built it has to face it’s first obstacle, the racing commission’s approval, afterwards the big challenge of the race can start. After the first rounds of training the drivers can recharge their batteries with refreshments in the pitstop. Now the race can really start, the soapboxes are fighting for every millisecond and the tires are almost on fire! At last, the big finale, the fastest driver takes their place on top of the winner’s podium.

Event:   team event
Type: Outdoor
Participants: up to 200 people
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Season: Summer, autumn
Place: Around the world