Cooking event

With an atmosphere close to the boiling point…

The motto is – Your teams are the player and our chef de cuisine is the coach. Important information – long lectures about recipes – is a no go! People connect through cooking and it creates a relaxing atmosphere, great conversations start whilst cooking. No matter if you want to cook a hearty BBQ in a lodge, a cheese fondue in the IgluLodge or a fancy dinner prepared in a big hotel kitchen. Cooking is possible nearly everywhere if you have a pan and an oven. Our chefs are full of passion and will captivate your guests. They will show them how to create a great meal using unconventional ways.

But most important – your team will have a great evening, with interesting conversations, and lots of interaction, of course topped with a delicious meal!

Event:   Incentive, team event, team training
Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Participants: 10 – 40 people 
Duration: 2 – 5 hours
Season: All year round
Place: Allgäu, Germany