Building a raft

Unfortunately without a manual…

Sailing on a lake – with your own self-made boat or raft. A little thrill, when you go through a rapid, not knowing if your self-made boatwill hold the forces of the water. Taking a break at a gravel bank, soaking up the sun whilst having a hearty snack. That’s the life!

There is just one drawback – a manual, pre-made bore holes, fitted ropes or logs cut into the right pieces, that’s something your teams will definitely not receive when building their own boat or raft.

Now your teams have to figure out how to build a well-constructed boat or raft themselves that can fit all team members by using only the material provided.

The ultimate test will follow right away: We will launch the boat or raft to test whether it’s seaworthy in more than one way.

Afterwards, as promised, the well deserved hearty snack on the gravel bank is a must!

Event:   Incentive, team event, team training
Type: Outdoor
Participants: 10 – 500 people
Duration: 4 – 8 hours
Saison: Summer, autumn
Place: Allgäu, Germany and world-wide