Quad-Canyon tour

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Who said gasoline and water are not an explosive mixture?

We guarantee to bring your team up to top efficiency and motivation with this promising combination. Bus transfers are out – we will start directly from the Hotel parking lot and take a quad tour through the Alps with fantastic views and stunning scenery.

We will always have an escort on your site who will make sure you and your guests are ok. The tour will end directly at the starting point of the canyon tour.

Get dressed with a wetsuit and climbing harness and of it goes! Your teams will be briefed by canyon guides and will receive training on how to rope down so they will be able to conquer the canyon with the help of our state-approved guides. Roping down in a team and then a personal challenging jump in cold water! Safety comes first and is most important to us but this tour is definitely full of dynamic and team spirit that’s for sure!

Event:   Incentive, team event, team training
Type: Outdoor
Participants: 14 – 100 persons
Duration: 7 hours
Season: Summer, Autumn
Place: Allgäu