Lodge Olympics Version 2.0

Hammering and sawing was yesterday…

Always fun – these classic games are always an ice breaker, and of course, we have something special here as well! Full speed through an obstacle course with fast dinky cars and miniature piste catapillars, you will need precision to hit the target while shooting with the slingshot, plus accuracy while using the beer slide. Have you ever caught a chicken with a saucepan? Don’t worry you will learn…

We combine many classic disciplines like horseshoe throwing, wood sawing, log hurling, nail hammering and sack racing in teams. Thetraditional victor’s ceremony, which consists of the champions receiving a slab of local Allgäuer mountain cheese, a three liter bottle of our good festival beer, (naturally with your company logo on the bottle), is always a hit !

Want to have traditional musical accompaniment during the competitions?

No problem, we will organize a great entertaining Duo and the right food for you as well.

Event:   Incentive, team event, team training
Type: Outdoor
Participants: 14 – 300 people
Duration: 1,5 – 4 hours
Season: All year round
Place: Allgäu