Fire & Ice

In the country of glaciers and volcanoes the nature is simply unbeatable! In the morning, you are racing across the glacier and in the afternoon, you are taking a bath in one of the hot geysers – the difference could not be larger.

Only one hundred years ago, Iceland was a “lonesome wolf” at the end of the world; however, it is now one of the most interesting incentive destinations.

Hot springs, impressive geysers, seething volcanoes and majestic glaciers are just waiting to be discovered.

One of the most mysterious islands of the northern world is awaiting you – Iceland is full of miracles and is an ideal island for explorers and adventurers.

Part 1:
Cocktail reception while taking a bath in the blue lagoon of Reijkjavik. Even the arrival is not quite “normal”!

Part 2:
Take off and let’s go! We take you on a helicopter ride above the volcanoes and give you an overview of the island.

Part 3:
Super-jeep safari through the Golden Circle – unique black-sand beaches, picnic right next to a thundering waterfall and discovering glaciers on snowmobiles.

Part 4:
A day full of contrasts: In the morning, you will enjoy relaxed pony riding and in the afternoon, rafting in a rushing glacier torrent.

Have you ever snorkeled between continental plates? No? So come with us, we will show you how this is possible!

Event:   Incentive
type: Pure Outdoor!
Participants: 10 – 150 persons
Duration: At least 4 days / 3 nights
Season: Summer, autumn
Place: Iceland – Once around the island