Finish Lappland

Adventures at the polar circle

Temperatures of – 20 Celsius ─ Wrapped up in polar equipment you will be passing through endless winter landscapes on a snowmobile! In the hotel, the thermometer even drops to – 32 Celsius! One would think that nobody wants to go out in a temperature like that! However, it is just different, just like everything else at the polar circle is different as well.  A fairy tale world composed of snow and ice! Snugly wrapped up in winter overalls and with the help of snowshoes, huskies, reindeers or snowmobiles you will discover this bizarre world. Those who love speed can race at 150 Km/h over the frozen ice lakes with a 400 HP Porsche. Or do you fancy swimming in the polar sea? No problem, we can arrange it with the icebreaker Sampo!

The experiences you get during an incentive trip to Finland are as exceptional and unique as the country and its people.

This is what the incentive trip could look like:

Part 1:
Snowmobile safari from the airport to the hotel, welcoming ceremony with shamans amidst the nature of the polar circle.

Part 2:
Trip to Kemi, snowmobile tour across the Bothnian sea, date with the icebreaker Sampoo plus cruise and ice swimming.

Part 3:
ICE-Driving Experience with rally vehicles  and ICE- carts, dinner in an igloo restaurant.

Part 4:
Visit to Santa Claus Village, flight back home

Event:   Incentive
Type: Outdoor
Participants: 5 – 600 people
Duration: At least 3 days / 2 nights
Season: Winter, spring
Place: Swedish Lapland