The big chain reaction

Small push big impact:

Experience the thrill and captivating motivation for your whole team. This team building event strengthen the team spirit and motivates you to conquer challenges together. The event can be carried out no matter how the weather might be. The task is explained quickly: out of 35 m3 of different building elements – from a simple stone to a rocket propelled roller-skate – your team builds a XXXL chain reaction. Equipped, supported and motivated by our couches.

There will be brainstorming, planning, fiddling, testing, improving, discarding and trying again up to the actual building process till every station is finished and everybody awaits the start full of curiosity.

 Than it starts: Once activated, the whole impulse rolls, flies, runs and climbs towards the big finale. Accompanied from an enthusiastic applause from all team members that by all means should be proud of them and now have the certainty: Together we can do everything!

Event:   Incentive, team event, team training
Type: Outdoor & Indoor
Participants: 10 – 5000 persons
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Season: Year-round
Place: Around the world